Thursday, May 14, 2009

deeper blue DEMA Coverage 2008

This is what deeper blue had to say about us...

NEDU, the Navy Experimental Diving Unit, is the world's premier diving and hyperbaric research, test and evaluation unit. And perhaps the world's best kept secret. A field activity of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), NEDU is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Florida.

NEDU tests and evaluates diving, hyperbaric and other life support systems and procedures. And they conduct research and development in biomedical and environmental physiology. 

Can't you just feel Jack Bauer about to enter stage left?

The current team is run by old military saturation divers, "We're Guinea Pigs, that's NEDU!" chuckles Chief Petty Officer and Deep Sea Medical Technician, Stephen Allain. Along with Master Chief Bryon VanHorn, 60 civilian researchers & scientists, and 90 other military staff, Stephen's focus is to ensure the most rigorous evaluation of biomedical & bioengineering solutions for undersea military operations and extreme environments. Whether they are pushing the envelope to identify breakthrough capabilities for rebreathers or defining work load limitations for gas masks to be used in the arid deserts of the Middle East, NEDU applies the same focus and precision in exploring technologies that pose a potential benefit for improving diving and extreme environment operational capabilities.

Feel like being a Guinea pig?

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