Monday, July 13, 2009

Diving History - All Hands Magazine - June 1945

Diving History - All Hands Magazine

The Navy's All Hands Magazine has been in circulation for quite sometime. The first "issue" of All Hands was printed as the Bureau of Navigation News Bulletin No. 1 (dated Aug. 30, 1922). The name "All Hands" was first seen on the June 1945 cover as America claimed "Victory in Europe", and the name stuck. Eighty seven years since its first issue, All Hands has served as the official magazine of the U.S. Navy. One has only to look through the archives to get an accurate feel for the Navy during any given time period.

March 1959 - Special Issue: Underseas Navy

In March 1959, All Hands ran a special Undersea Navy issue. This issue was a very Navy Diver intensive issue; the majority of the 68 page magazine was dedicated to diving of some fashion. The .pdf size of this magazine is 28mb making it impractical/impossible to send to everyone. Instead here is the hyperlink to it (keep in mind it takes a few minutes to load, so be patient....its well worth it):


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